Pump Cleaning

Refresh your Paint Sprayer

Hire us for pump cleaning services.

Did you know that many problems with your paint sprayer can be resolved with pump cleaning services? That's why Five Valley Pump Repair offers detailed cleaning services for your paint sprayer. Our services can help resolve issues related to low pressure and clogs.

Not sure if you need pump cleaning services? Connect with our team to determine whether you need to clean or replace your unit.

Signs that you need pump cleaning services:

Pump cleaning is an easy solution for several paint sprayer problems. Get in touch with us if...

  • The paint pressure is too low or inconsistent
  • The spray pattern is messy or distorted
  • The unit won't prime or spray
  • The spray tip keeps getting clogged

All of these issues are signs that you need pump cleaning services. Contact us at 406-239-3856 to schedule a cleaning today.

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